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About me

Hi! I'm Tomasz Skraskowski, on the internet known as Tometchy.
I write code since I'm 12, programming and technology is my passion since I can remember.

By day full stack software developer with focus on backend written in .Net Core. I grew up with C++, but currently C# dominates in my work life, with main interest in decentralized systems.

In my free time I'm a blogger, speaker and open source enthusiast. I write articles mainly at SoftwareDeveloper.Blog, also for GitWarsztaty organization, for which I'm a trainer (it's in polish). And of course occasionally here at as well.

In my private life I like to spend time with my family - preferably outdoors - running, walking mountains, swimming etc. Used to be professional rock climber, almost 9 years of my life, but this sport was too absorbing, so I decided to quit. Of course it was not easy decision, but I don't regret.

You can find me in several places over the internet:

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